Whipped - Requested (Calum)

Hey guys! Anon requested - Can you do an imagine where your dating calum and he’s “whipped” and the boys tease him and he Denys but you over hear the whole thing so you push his buttons and ask him to do absurd things until he comes to his senses.


“No!” You freeze at the door, hearing Calum yell.

“Just admit it Cal, you’re totally whipped.” Ashton clams and you hear the other boys laughing. You get closer to the door, which is slightly open, so you can hear everything that they are saying.

“No! No, I’m not whipped!” He groans.

“Dude, she just has to open her mouth and you already jumping.” Michael mocks. You hear a big sigh, assuming it’s Calum. 

"And she just has to call your name and you already drop by her feet." Luke adds. You hear Ashton giggle as only he can do. 

"Yeah I do a lot. But you know, when I do stuff for her, she does stuff for me." 

"What kind of bullshit is that?!" Michael speaks out what you are thinking too. 

"I just do as if I’m whipped and she is nice to me, you know at night…in bed." You can hear he’s smirking. The guys are laughing.

"If you say so." Michael says with disbelief.

"I’m saying it." Calum grunts. 

You can’t believe what you just heard. ‘You will wish you never had said that Hood’ you think to yourself. You wait a couple of minutes before walking into the dressing room. 

"Babe." Calum moves to you and you give him a little smile. When he reaches you, he goes in for a kiss but you give him your cheek. “You okay?” You just nod and take the place next to Luke who’s on phone. You sit and talk with the boys till you feel it’s time to start your plan.

“Cal? Could you make me a cup of tea?” You ask with your most sweet voice. You can see three pairs of eyes going to Calum, but he still gets up and makes you a cup of tea.

“Here you go.” He hands you the cup.

“Thank you, honeybun.” You give him the sweetest smile you can put on your lips.

“Cal? Are you wearing that shirt on stage?” He looks down at the top he is wearing, gives you a confused look and nods. “Oh.”


“Nothing. I just, well I’m not sure about it.” You look him up and down. “I think you should put another on.” This was a complete lie, because you loved that shirt on him.

“Really?” He has a worried look in his eyes.

“Uh huh.” Michael looks at you, but you just smirk at him. You see Calum walk to his clothes rack.

“This one?” He holds a singlet up. You make an unsure face, pulling your nose up.

“Do you have another one?”


“What about the others?” You look at them, one by one. “There, that one.” You point to a shirt, not knowing who’s it is.

“Uh Lukey?”

“No way, Calum!” Calum looks back at you, but you widen your eyes and raising your eyebrows at him.

“Luke come on, please mate.” You hear the despair in his voice and you can’t help but smile a bit.

“Fine.” You can feel Luke looking at you but you refuse to look back at him.

“Better?” You only smile at Calum. How is it possible that everything looks good on the boy you think. Your eyes rest on Calum’s face, then you see the beanie.

“Cal?” Michael and Ashton’s eyes fly to you. “Can I have your beanie?”

He’s already pulling it of his head. “What are you going to do with it?”

“Wear it.” You say sheepish. You see he’s doubting his decision because he is having a bad hair day.

“But my hair.”  You give him a sad look and he hands you his beanie. He walks to the mirror running his hand through his hair trying to make something from it. To your frustration it works.

“Cal?” Now all three boys look at you, wondering what you are up too. “Could you do me a favor?”

“Of course, what is it?”

“Could you jump five times for me please?” A laugh leaves Michael’s, Calum quickly makes him stop by glaring at him. He does his five jumps without asking.

“Now do the shimmy.”

“But.” You pout at him and he does it.  

“Come here.” You commend him, you pull out your lipstick.

“What are you going to do with it?”

“Just come closer.”

“No! You’re not putting it on me.”

“Don’t be a baby! Just your lips. It’s such a beautiful pink shade.” He shakes his head no. “Don’t you love me?” You question him.

“Yes I love you.” He gives in and you apply the lipstick on his full lips. The boys are trying to hold in there laughter.

“Could you now do a little dance for us?”

“I don’t want to.”

“Please, Cal, for me.” You whine and he starts to move. When the boys clearly begin to laugh he stops.

“What’s this all about? Why did I have to do all of this?” You get up and place yourself right in front of him. You look him in the eyes and start your speech:

“That, Calum Thomas Hood, was the prove that your are totally whipped and you better accept it because nobody believes that crap ‘when I do stuff for her, she does stuff for me’. But you better believe that I’m not going to be nice for you, you know at night in bed, for a very long time.” You hear the boys burst out in laughter after you walk out and a very annoyed Calum shout: “Shut up!” at them.


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